Monday, 30 May 2011

Initial sketches for Scarlet and Sheep

I have finally found my way to a scanner and these are all snippets from my sketch books. They show all the initial ideas I had for my final piece.

Little Inspirations

I always find inspiration in the cutest of images. One such source is the faithful Metro that I get on my way to uni in the morning. I found this image tucked away in my sketchbook and it never ceases to give me a mountain of ideas for little stories!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Animatic - I will follow ewe...

Here is my animatic for my final piece. Currently working on the shots angles in Maya, I feel that some of them are a bit straight on. I made the animatic in Flash, drawing straight in with my Wacom. I found this process much easier that completing it by hand, as I always have too many ideas for shots, it takes a while to find which I ones fit best. This was the first bit of major work I completed with a Wacom tablet and I cannot speak highly enough of it! The most valuable investment I have made, I love it!

The narration was done by the talented Frankie Swan (a fellow animation student), who has a voice that really fits with my work (Frankie also helped me out on Sophie and the Balloon!). I've had quite positive feedback from showing people the animatic. At our crit at the National Gallery the only advice I was given was to make sure that the backgrounds in the final are rich in order to compliment the characters and to break up the narration to gain a less even paced piece.

Animatic for 'I will follow ewe...' from Emma Shorey on Vimeo.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Some Environments

Here is an image of one of the scenes from my final film. I need to scan in the sketches I did as soon as I get near a scanner! I designed everything before I made the objects in Maya. I will also scan in my character sketches soon!