Monday, 1 August 2011

James Alternative sketches

This was another design I had for James that I have just manipulated in illustrator and photoshop.


  1. I prefer this design of james, I like the colour palette and think that it fits with the style of Nigel more. Oh and I frickin' love Nigel. Cute!

  2. looking good emma, really nice simple shapes love the eyes. the only thing i would say (and its just my opinion, im no expert) is that the neck to me is a tad distracting. i think it disconnects the head from the rest of body. i would probably shorten it and bring the head into the body more or lose it completely:


    love Nigel too, made me think of gertie, the story telling is very sweet similar to your approach.
    2:43 is the best bit, Jumbo gets terrorized.

    hope your well x

  3. Thanks for the comments! Hehe I love gertie! Such a lovely little animation! Il see how james looks without his neck, I have a habit of giving my characters long, thin necks I think. Hope everyone is well! xx